Tips For Building Garden Ponds

Water features add elegance and beauty to the outdoors. Ponds enhance the landscape view, making it more enjoyable to look at and be in. Creating a natural pond is harder than it seems at first. These tips will guide you and get you started.

1. Plan The Depth of Your Pond

How deep do you want your pond to be? Deeper ponds are more expensive, and your fish may hide. Shallow ponds are more aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable to decorate; however, they are also more vulnerable to algae.

2. Give Your Pond A Basic Shape

It is advisable to stick to a basic shape. Don’t add too many curves, because they may be softened and lost in the actual building process.

3. Protect Your Pond From Burrowing Animals

Moles and groundhogs love burrowing holes in gardens. They may burrow a hole into your pond and chew parts of the line’s liner. Add a hardware cloth base to the bottom of your pond to protect it.

4. Pond Walls Should Not Be Tall And Vertical

Making pond walls tall and vertically makes it harder to add stones into the pond because it will fall more easily.

5. Add Terrace To The Bottom

Adding a terrace to the bottom of the pond adds friction, so the rocks added will not slide to the pond’s bottom or sides. Make the terrace riser 6 inches tall or less.

6. Cover Your Pond Liner

Your pond liner must be covered to protect it from the sun’s rays, eventually breaking it down.

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