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Can you tell a Koi and Goldfish apart?

Goldfish come in different varieties, even within the same species, the Carassius Auratus. They have a long lifespan and can live for 10 years or more. They may have one tail, a split tail, or fancier tails. They grow to be 15 inches long.

The most common goldfish are Comet, Shubunkin, Sarasa. They are usually orange-red and easily spotted. They breed well and grow to recognize their feeders.

On the other hand, Koi are of the Cyprinus Carpio species. They are water garden gems. They have a long spectacular history. They are believed to have originated from Japan and can grow to be 2 feet long.

You can spot the difference between a Koi fish and a goldfish with their sizes. Koi fishes grow longer and bulkier than goldfish. The barbell at the mouth of the koi fish is also used as a primary distinguishing factor from Goldfishes.

Spirulina, marigold, and carotene are used as color enhancers for fish. The diet of your fish changes, depending on the season. They should be fed carbohydrates primarily in cooler temperatures, with some protein. Fish are dormant in extremely cold temperatures. Trust us with your fish. Consult us for advice today on the optimal fish care in every season.