Skippy’s Stuff creates unique water features outdoors. Our features enhance your landscape’s beauty and bring you a style that is on another level. We design and we install all types of ponds – intimate ponds and grandiose designs. Consult us today and find out how to avail of our designs to turn your visions into a reality.

Pondless Water System Features

Water features give your property a special element. Many people have chosen to have ponds installed as a water feature. However, we completely understand and support you if you don’t want to go the pond route. Thankfully, there are many other wonderful alternatives to ponds, including mindless waterfalls, which inject natural beauty and enhance and bring attention to your landscape.

Our team will guide you expertly and provide you with all the information you need about other options you can consider. Here are a few options:

  • Waterfall – waterfalls make soothing sounds and make you feel serene and meditative. It creates a unique and beautiful oasis in your landscape. If you have a lot of vertical space available, a waterfall may be just right for you.
  • Stream – a stream adds cohesiveness to the design of your property. Let us know your vision, and we will tell you the best place to install your stream, as well as the shape that will fit you the best.
  • Fountain – a fountain is a good and elegant fixture. It also creates pleasant, soothing sounds. They are easy to maintain and come in unique designs.

The choice of water feature is up to you. Whatever design you decide on, we are the experts who will bring it to life. We are good at what we do, and we are truly passionate about excellence.

Decorative Water Feature Installations

Our experts can enhance your landscape. Skippy’s Stuff offers a numerous variety of decorative pieces like statues, patio blocks, and more.

Decorative pieces make your outdoor ponds, and water features look even more stunning.

Are you unsure what decorative source will go best with your landscape and water feature? Worry no longer! Our experts will advise you and help you choose the best piece for your style and property. Explain your vision to us, and we will bring it to life. We have the combined knowledge and experience of decades. Call us today, and let’s get started.

Pond Constructions

Do you want to install a pond or a water fixture? We are the team for the job. We install ponds that fit your landscape and design vision. We will let you know the best location for pond and water fixture installation and help you choose the best shape, size, decorative pieces for your new installation.

Whether you install big plans for fish, construct a stream for calm and beauty, a serene waterfall, or any other water fixture – we do it all, we do it well. We understand the challenges that come with water feature installations, as well as the intricacies the job requires. It is our aim that our final construction is beautiful, creative, and completely satisfactory. Our services are affordable and of premium quality. Give us a call today. We love to serve you.

Renovations & Rebuilding

Have you moved recently into a new home with an old pond or water feature? Yes, yes – you can get excited about it!

Sadly, not every pond is exactly to your taste. There are so many different pond styles. We can renovate your old pond and make it chic, modern, and functional. We can rebuild it completely – and you will be pleased with the result. Attempting to repair it yourself will lead to challenges you cannot anticipate. Leave it to us – it is our expertise.

We repair pond leaks and damages. After we have patched your water features up, you can rest assured that it will work well and be enjoyed for many years. Our level of care is not found in many places. We do our work well.

You deserve to be proud of your property and to feel completely relaxed in it. You deserve a style that is completely you. Discuss your vision with us, and we will bring it to life.

Fish Care

Winter is harsh on fish, especially fish in ponds located outdoors. Skippy’s Stuff provides fish-friendly features to keep your fish swimming contentedly even during the winter. We have winter care facilities, and we will take care of your fish using regulated tanks. We monitor the water temperature, the on balance, and keep your fish comfortable. When springtime comes along, we will return our fish home after making sure your pond is perfect.

Landscaping The Pond Area

The appropriate water fixture enhances your landscape. Landscaping is an art. Water plants, shrubs, and other greenery can upgrade your property tremendously. Tell us your vision, and let our experts do the work for you. We are willing to give you a décor that naturally blends with your fixture or adds vibrant color splashes to make it cheery.

We will bring class to your landscape. Proper landscaping will ensure that your water fixture fits seamlessly with your outdoors. Your guests will love it. Let us turn your yard into your favorite part of the house.

Maintenance In Every Season

​You need to take proper care of your pond or pondless water fixtures for them to remain fully functional and healthy.

We love the challenge! We enjoy maintaining your ponds and fixtures in every season. It brings us the greatest satisfaction to know that your landscape is attractive year-round and kept in premium condition.

We offer:

  • Spring Cleanups – we clear debris, regulate the pH balance of the water feature and adjust all the settings needed for optimal functionality
  • Summer maintenance – we ensure that your pond works well all summer.
  • Fall services – we make sure your pond is ready for the cool months of fall and the coming winter season
  • Winter shutdown – we shut down your pond and the water features properly, so they are not damaged in harsh weather.

You can rely on our maintenance!