3 Innovative Water Feature Ideas You Should Try at Home

Space is an essential consideration when improving your home, but if you’re cramped for an area, no worries. We can work with the cards we’re dealt and move around with what we have. That said, if you have a small garden in your home that needs a bit of work, then a water feature using solar fountain pumps can make for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

Try out these few but interesting ideas on how to spruce up the small garden in your home with a water feature and solar fountain motor that turns a simple area into an eye-catching landscape.

Innovative Water Features to Try

This study discusses the positive effects of water features in a home, with the benefits including making space livelier, the air quality better, and the inhabitants more in touch with nature. That said, here are three innovative ideas for water features you can incorporate into your gardens. This way, you can reap the benefits despite the limited space in your home.

Falling Water Features

The sound of water can be an utterly therapeutic sound to hear. So, if you like to spend time in your garden, getting yourself an outdoor set-up with falling water can be a good option to consider. You can build this water feature on your own, or you can get yourself a set-up that’s ready to install.

You can also use different items in the home for this, from pots to clay bowls or old used vases, or basically anything that can hold water. Then you will need a motor pump that can keep the water moving to avoid mosquitoes and insects from swarming around your water feature.

Privacy Water Wall

Also functioning as a different form of falling water feature, a privacy water wall acts as a bordering wall or a partition with water streaming from the top. This wall can be built out of solid concrete, stacks of bricks or stones, or even glass.

However, it adds a layer of privacy while keeping the air in the area relatively cooler. It also prevents the plants around it from drying out during the warmer seasons. You can incorporate a solar fountain pump for this.

Fish Pond

This set-up can easily be set up as a hydroponic or aquaponic micro-farm, but if you prefer something simple, a fish pond is a good place to start. People may think that this requires a complex set-up, but it’ll work fine as long as you feed your fish and keep the water oxygenated.

This is another set-up where a solar fountain pump may come in handy because you can rely on it to function when placed under the heat of the sun.

Incorporating a Solar Fountain Pump

Anything solar-powered already screams sustainability, so a solar fountain pump already offers a cost-effective addition to your garden. Not only does it improve your garden as an ornamental piece, but it is also an effective piece of equipment if you have a pond, birdbath, or a small hydroponic system. It doesn’t require electricity to function, and it leaves a very minute footprint on the environment. It only needs you to situate it in a particularly sunny spot in the landscape.

Easy to install or mount into already affixed decorations and furniture in your outdoor setting, solar fountain pumps also come with a powerful motor that keeps the equipment clean, free from insects, and the water is oxygenated. While it may not prove so functional during the colder and cloudy days, this is a water feature you can count on for as long as the sun is out.

Final Words

 With that said, if you’re looking to build a water feature for your small garden, getting a solar fountain pump is a great investment.

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