7 Tips To Follow For A Clean Pond

The water in your pond must be maintained at premium quality to be the best habitat for your fish. These 7 tips will make sure your fish are healthy and content in your pond:

1. Your Fish Population Must Be A Healthy Number

The best ratio of fish to water is 10 dishes in 100 gallons.

2. Give Your Fish The Right Amount of Food

Don’t be tempted to overfeed your fish. The food not eaten will decay and be bad for your pond. Fish only need to be fed once daily, with good quality food that floats.

3. Get Aquatic Plants

Your pond should be 40-60% covered by aquatic plants at the peak of the summer season. Be careful not to have too many plants, so that there is no oxygen deficiency at night. Fish need oxygen.

4. Choose An Appropriate Pump

Your pump should ensure a complete circulation of water every hour.

5. Clean Pond Debris

Do not let uneaten fish food and tone debris decay in your pond. Clean all debris immediately. Debris causes ammonia, which is bad for fish.

6. Choose An Appropriate Filtration System

The filter for your pond should correlate with the size of your pond.

7. Make Sure The Temperature of Your Pond Is Cool In Summer

Your pond water must never be more than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures reduce the levels of dissolved oxygen needed for fish.

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