Welcome to Skippy’s Stuff. It was founded in 2014. Our staff are professionals and experts in their field, with experience that spans through decades. They have been designing and maintaining ponds for years, and they know just about everything there is to know! With more than 25 years of top-notch work, Skippy’s Stuff is more than equipped to handle any challenge.

Contact us today for assistance in your new project. We offer the following services all year round:

  • New Construction Projects – We build various water features, including waterfalls, streams, ponds, and more.
  • Seasonal Maintenance Projects – We fix your broken water features, offer cleanup and care services in the Spring and Summer, preparation in the Fall, and safely shut down water features in the Winter.
  • Fish Care – Our ponds are the best homes and living conditions for your fish.
  • Modification and Rebuilding – Are you thinking about getting an upgrade? Do you need to repair it? We know your water features the best.
  • Pondless Water Systems– We can give you the water feature of your dreams. You do not have to have a pond like everyone else. We can give you a stream, a waterfall, or any other water feature design you desire.
  • Landscaping– Enhance your water design system today! Add trees, water plants, shrubs, and more! We have design ideas available, and will efficiently install and design your water feature to be beautiful, relaxing, and completely satisfying.
  • Decorative Pieces– Make your feature stand out by using unique art pieces. We have pieces designed by experts.