Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants add attractiveness to water features. They give the landscape a feel of completion.

They are soft to water gardens, making it look natural. They offer shade to fish and keep the pH of the water stable.

Aquatic plant roots compete with algae for nutrients and act as filtration for your ecosystem.

The more sunlight your pond is exposed to, the more aquatic plants you will need in your pond.


Nationals are planted on top shelves in water gardens and should be kept below the ice line during late fall. Common types of marginals include rushes, sweet flag, iris, cattails.


Lilies are tropical or hardy. The tropical lilies may bloom in the day or during the night. Lilies regulate the temperature of the pond by giving shade. They help keep the fish healthy and keep the quality of the water optimal.


They provide spawning areas for fish and are great hiding places for fish from predators. They are straightforward to maintain – put them into the pond and grow and maintain themselves.


Lotus is the queen of aquatic plants. It blooms into an elegant flower that can be plucked and used for interior decorations.