3 Innovative Water Feature Ideas You Should Try at Home

Space is an essential consideration when improving your home, but if you’re cramped for an area, no worries. We can work with the cards we’re dealt and move around with what we have. That said, if you have a small garden in your home that needs a bit of work, then a water feature using solar fountain pumps can make for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.
Try out these few but interesting ideas on how to spruce up the small garden in your home with a water feature and solar fountain motor that turns a simple area into an eye-catching landscape.
Innovative Water Features to Try


Tips For Building Garden Ponds

Water features add elegance and beauty to the outdoors. Ponds enhance the landscape view, making it more enjoyable to look at and be in. Creating a natural pond is harder than it seems at first. These tips will guide you and get you started.
1. Plan The Depth of Your Pond
How deep do you want your pond to be? Deeper ponds are more expensive, and your fish may hide. Shallow ponds are more aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable to decorate; however, they are also more vulnerable to algae.
2. Give Your Pond A Basic Shape
It is advisable to stick to a basic shape. Don’t add too many curves, because …


7 Tips To Follow For A Clean Pond

The water in your pond must be maintained at premium quality to be the best habitat for your fish. These 7 tips will make sure your fish are healthy and content in your pond:
1. Your Fish Population Must Be A Healthy Number
The best ratio of fish to water is 10 dishes in 100 gallons.
2. Give Your Fish The Right Amount of Food
Don’t be tempted to overfeed your fish. The food not eaten will decay and be bad for your pond. Fish only need to be fed once daily, with good quality food that floats.
3. Get Aquatic Plants
Your pond should be 40-60% covered by aquatic plants at the peak of the summer…