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We encourage you to contact us for any pond or ordering questions that you may have.
There's a good chance that you'll actually be able to talk to a human being.

Email or call 313 382 7663

How to order...

#1  Write down this address:

      Beautiful Ponds & Gardens
      20379 Ecorse
      Taylor, MI 48180

#2  Calculate how much dough you will owe us by using the price of the item or items plus these shipping & handling charges*

    Note: If you are ordering a quart of bacteria or a pint of enzymes with media, don't add any extra money, but do add an extra $15.00 for a gallon.

#3  Send us a personal check or money order made out to Beautiful Ponds and Gardens to the address above with a note about what you want. Be sure to include your address with zip code and telephone number. We also accept major credit cards (You can call us at 313 382 7663 or email to place an order).

#4  Shipping time varies from 3 to up to 10 days.

Thank you for this opportunity to earn your business.

Media:....13 Gallon Kitchen Trash Bag.....$24.99
The very best filter media available. Holds the organic matter long enough for the bacteria to decompose it and then release the left over mineral matter.

Skippy's Own Bacteria:
Great for spiking the filter, starting and continuing the biological process. Non-toxic, safe for plants, fish and animals.

Skippy's Enzymes:
Very Powerful Stuff. Dissolves organic waste, eliminates sludge, a must for spring and fall. Quickly jump-starts the biological process so the beneficial bacteria can keep the pond, clean, clear and healthy.

Our Own Sludge Eater:

Filter Kits:
Everything you'll need including the fittings, piping, grate, media and even the bacteria already pre cut ready to install in your Rubbermaid stock tank.

All prices do not include shipping or tank.

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