The biological process does not happen overnight. Mother Nature set up a very important chain of events a few billon years ago to perpetuate the world. Mom is pretty stern about how this biological process works and us humans if we want to enjoy the benefits of this system of life we have to resolve ourselves to working with her not against her. The old adage is very true: "You cannot fight Mother Nature."

In every living body of water in the world from the polar caps to the Dead Sea Mom has put two things that insure that life will exist in a clean, clear and healthy environment. They are algae and bacteria. Both are essential for life, as we know it to continue and thrive. Algae is at the beginning of the food chain, while bacteria is the ultimate end consumer. For a detailed explanation of the biological process read the essay FM Cure for Green Water elsewhere on this site.

I guess because we have programmed ourselves to believe that life is short, us humans want instant gratification in most of our endeavors. As this pertains to ponds we want clear, clean and healthy water and we want it now! Sorry, Mom just does not work that way. However she does provide us with a means to get what we want and still maintain the perfect balance she has perfected. Balance being where the eco-system (the pond) pretty much takes care of itself, life and death in harmony, the end result being clear water. Time is a key part allowing that balance to occur. A prime example of this balance is if you took a small kiddy wading pool, filled it with water and let it alone something wonderful would soon happen. Sure the surface of the water within a week or so would be completely covered with algae. In fact the sides and bottom of the pool would accumulate an abundance of algae. This little wading pool has become a pond. Life has come to it and the living and dying has begun. If you were to take your hand and gently pushed aside this covering of algae you would get a surprise. The water under the surface all the way to the bottom would be crystal clear. This is the purest form of balance. What has happened is no new growth of algae can occur until the old algae have completed its life cycle therefore providing the nourishment for new life.

Algae is nothing more than microscopic vegetation. As we all know nitrogen is plant food. This little pond is producing only enough nitrogen to feed and perpetuate the life that exists there and doing so in a balanced manner. Actually since this pond is contained the available nitrogen is being used up at such a rapid rate that the main body of water from the surface to the bottom is experiencing a lack of nitrogen. Therefore algae is not floating around and growing…i.e. clear water, which is exactly what we want.

It took awhile for this to occur and if you disturb it by cleaning the sides or removing the algae from the surface, Mom is just going to start the process all over again. If there is living water there is going to be algae that is a fact…period. We need living water to really enjoy our ponds. Fish, animals, plants must be kept in living water to survive. Kill the water by adding agents or chemicals and you do your pond a disservice.

Okay, that is the principle of a balanced pond, but there is a problem. If you introduce fish into this little wading pool you simply will not be able to see them because of the layer of algae floating over the entire surface. So lets solve that problem. How? Hint: Put a true biological filter next to the pond. Mom wants algae, she is going to make it and provide for it so we might as well get used to the idea. By putting a biological filter next to the pond we provide an environment for Mom's algae while getting the reward of obtaining clear water. Same algae, just a different place for it to grow is all. The water in the main body of the pond ends up the same… nitrogen starved. It is what I like to call Freakin' Magic (FM).

Since we are emulating Mom's perfect system we must also allow her the time for it to happen. In order for the bacteria to do it's job it must first have the organic matter (algae) to decompose. It has to turn green before it turns clear. In application we have experienced that the process to take hold may be from 4 to 8 weeks. Disturbing the process via cleaning etc. will only prolong the time frame. The pond may even cycle a few times going from green to clear to green and back to clear. It is finding its balance. Once obtained the cycling will lessen. With seasoning and maturity the pond will become a balanced living eco-system, your reward will be clean, clear and healthy water. Be patient and wait it out as the end result is well worth it. We now recommend that you do not clean the filter media at all. Let well enough alone, ignore the overwhelming temptation to clean and realize the reason you want to clean the filter is only that we have been programmed due to swimming pool mentality to think this way. Swimming pool water is dead, our pond is alive, applications that are used to clear a pool have no relevance as it applies to pond water. Get a little lazy like us and enjoy ponding instead of toiling with it.


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