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After many years of trial and a lot of error, we finally came up with a formula of non-toxic natural bacteria and enzymes. Fish, animal and plant safe it works great and PLUS it's cheap! *
There you go: Our Skippy's Own** bacteria. $26.99 quart (treats 10,000 gallons of pond water) or $99.99 per gallon. Order via email or call 313 382 7663

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*The reason it's cheap is you are not going to get any fancy labeled container. Nor are you paying for marketing or advertising. In fact other than our little mom and pop operation, this site is the only way to obtain Skippy's Own.

** We were going to call it Bad As_ Bugs, but someone thought that was tasteless.

Read on for why bacteria is important in the grand scheme of things.

We humans like to spout that we are at the top of the food change; but actually we are wrong. Bacteria are the ultimate consumer. It holds a very important position as bacteria is the final step that allows the overall natural cycle of life to begin anew. Without these microscopic bugs this planet and the life that is here would quickly cease to exist. Without going into a long drawn out scientific explanation here is the short version of the system Mother Nature set up a few billon years ago.

Life starts in the sea as another microscopic form of life called algae. Wow, hey is that not the old green water problem? Yep, that be the culprit. Algae are the first step on the food chain and Mom really likes it. Every living body of water on this planet contains this small form of plant life -- algae. Algae is easy to make, a little water, a little sunlight and boom -- algae. Make a little algae, make a little zooplankton, make a little life. Sorry, but I am trying to impress upon you the importance of this basic life form. If you were paying attention in Biology class you will remember this stuff. The biological process (LIFE) goes something like this:
Algae is eaten by higher forms of life, zooplankton, which in turn is eaten by other forms of life and so on and so on up the ladder until us mammals finally come into play and consume our due at the banquet table of life, then we die. That's as blunt as it gets.

All along the food chain death has a hand in producing and continuing life. Everything alive is organic in nature. Once death occurs, a very interesting thing happens, dead organic matter decomposes. HOW? Well, it is our good buddies, them there old bacteria guys that take care of this chore for us. It goes something like this -- in the decaying process organic matter is decomposed into first of all ammonia, then nitrites to nitrates and finally into nitrogen. There it is, nitrogen. If you have ever fertilized your lawn or done any gardening work at all you know what nitrogen is PLANT FOOD.

Algae is nothing more than microscopic plants; give it some nitrogen and it's going to grow. Make a little algae, make a little zooplankton, make a little life -- sorry again; but I am sure you get the picture. So let us now bring this home to our pond. Every pond is it's own version of the big picture, an eco-system designed and operating on the same principles as the whole world. Mother Nature set up the rules and we got to go along with them or we have to constantly fight her, which is not good. A good lesson to learn is this Mom will always win. Time is on her side. An example of this is swimming pool water or as I like to say "dead water". A swimming pool filter does not keep the water free of algae. It is the chlorine added to the water that kills off the algae and the filter just collects the debris and/or dead algae. In fact if you stopped pouring in the chlorine, but left the filter running constantly within a very short time your going to get a green water swimming pool -- period. Ponds must contain living water if we want things to grow and survive, i.e. plants, fish, etc. In order to accomplish this we have to work with Mom and not fight her. She has to have her algae, that is a fact we must deal with, but we can do that and still have clean, clear and healthy water. The answer is a true biological filter. Bacteria is a key element of the process. In the biological filter a constant state of change is occurring. The media is trapping the organic matter. It dies and the bacteria decompose it down to nitrogen and left over mineral matter. The algae growing in the filter then consume this nitrogen and the process keeps happening over and over again and over and over, etc. During all this something really wonderful happens -- I like to call it Freakin' Magic! The filter allows Mom to have her algae and life cycle while we enjoy a clean, clear and healthy pond. The biological process is happening in the entire pond, but the really big event -- algae to nitrogen is going on in the filter. We let Mom have her way and we get rewarded. For more on this subject see FM Cure for Green Water elsewhere on this site.

Note: There are good bacteria and bad bacteria. Bacteria are very territorial. If you have a thriving colony of the good guys it will be really hard for the bad guys to move in. This is another reason to introduce a healthy non-toxic form of bacteria to your pond. It lessens the chance of disease and other heath problems for the critters living in your pond.

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