The Best Filter Media Available

For a 2.3 cu. ft. loose packed bag it is only 29.99*
(Bags are pre-measured for our filter sizes. Your container might be a bathtub)
If you are building:
Mini tank you will need:1 bag
70 gallon stock tank you will need:3 bags
100 gallon stock tank you will need:4 bags
150 gallon stock tank you will need:5 bags
*Plus shipping

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Filter media is very important in the grand scheme of the biological process. To do the job it must have these attributes:

We tried it all. From lava rock to hair curlers, all failed in either one or two of the above attributes. Lava rock is cheap, but will last about one season as it clogs and has to be cleaned each year. Furnace filters, hair curlers, shredded PVC, sponges, bio-balls, barley straw and all the other nonsense such items are simply a joke.

This media is nothing more than blocks of commercial floor scrubber pads, but the great thing about them is just that THEY ARE STRONG AND FIBROUS. Keep in mind if they can clean a wood floor how long will they last with just water running though them?

Do not clean them, even at the end of the season. It is a real temptation to do this, but avoid this chore!!! Doing so actually harms the biological process as Mom (Mother Nature) will just start all over again, i.e. make a little algae, make a little zooplankton, make a little life, make a little green water, etc. NO NEED TO CLEAN! Let it go and enjoy.

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